Invoice Factoring

Get the working capital your business needs today!

In many cases we can offer the highest advances and lowest factoring rates in the industry. Our clients rely upon us to get them the best factoring terms for their working capital needs. We make the invoice factoring process quick and easy.
Financing approval is not based on company financials, tax returns or even equity to debt ratios. Instead, approval is based on the credit strength and payment history of your customers.
Our average factoring rate is between 1.5% and 3.5% per month. There are two major variables that we consider when determining the cost of a factoring transaction: the size of the transaction and the credit quality of your clients. Larger transactions with reliable account debtors will usually qualify for lower factoring rates and higher advances.
Don’t wait 30 to 60 days to receive payment from your customers. Use factoring to get your company an advance on your receivables today.

Fast Financing: Invoice Factoring in Days, Not Weeks

This working capital solution involves very little underwriting. The approval process is quick and simple. We do our absolute best to get your company the funding that it needs as soon as possible.

What is Invoice Factoring / Accounts Receivable Financing?

Receivable financing is financing that is used by businesses to convert their invoices into immediate cash flow. Most businesses don’t realize that these invoices can be used as collateral for working capital. When pledged as collateral, the business may draw cash against these eligible accounts receivable at any time. Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is not a loan, so there is no need to make payments or create debt.

Invoice factoring allows your business to grow without incurring debt or diluting equity or ownership.  In addition, factoring can help a company survive periods of erratic cash flow or seasonal sales cycles. Invoice factoring can help also businesses grow at a faster rate by providing working capital when you need it most.