Unsecured Business Credit

Our goal is to provide you with spendable business credit lines and/or loans that can be used on anything your business needs to grow and succeed.  This is real capital that will work for you and can help you start or grow your business.  To extend this type of financing to you, your business will go through a short process as described below.  Please review this process and contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

During our pre-qualification process one of our experienced professionals will complete a full assessment of your personal and business credit status.  After reviewing our findings we will discuss the options that will be available to you.  If an option meets your needs and is a good fit for your company we can then proceed to step two with your consent.  This process can be completed both online and over the phone and takes just a short amount of time.  Your unsecured business funding options will be in front of your before you know it.

Step 2: Initial Consultation & Lender Preparation

Depending on your credit status, your unsecured business line of credit may be available to you with no further steps.  If so, you will skip step two and continue on with step three.  However, your credit report may have some small or large flaws on it.  While we can’t fix your credit, don’t let this discourage you.  In many cases this is not a big problem.  Our team understands how the industry works better than anyone.  We diagnose and pre-underwrite your file for you and can match you with the right financial products based on your credit, industry and other variables.  We won’t let credit concerns stand in the way of your financing.  We have an established team of experienced people that we can refer you to, to help correct credit problems and get your financing approved.  Typically the lender preparations take between 30 and 45 days. During this time frame be assured that we will be in constant contact with you and provide any updates available.

Step 3: Credit Guarantee

After qualifying with our pre-qualification and lender preparations we will guarantee you a minimum of $00000 in unsecured business lines of credit.  Usually you will have access to part or all of your funding within 30 days.  If your needs are greater than $00000 contact us and let us know how much you will need and the timeframe of your needs.